Monday, August 4, 2014

Moving Giveaway!!

I recently found out that I will be moving back to Raleigh this month for my husbands job! We were just about to renew our lease here in Charlotte when we got the news :).  I only have about two full weeks to pack, and we will be getting a smaller apartment when we move.  I definitely will have to part with some things so we can downsize. This will be the third move we make in two years lol, and I will be blogging throughout the process. Take a look at some of the things I decided to donate this evening! Message me if you're interested in anything! :)

Floral ring from Boone, NC

Rose ring from Boone, NC

size 3 PacSun shorts

leather corset vest size xs

jewel collar necklace from tj maxx all jewels intact/
only worn twice

American Eagle necklace slightly worn

Top Shop zebra bracelet

Bow belt from Target 

Found this in a thrift store/ louis V clutch ...

Mean Girls on DVD

Kings of Leon UK Live Show

Derek got me all the seasons for valentines last year
 so these are now extra Sex and the city seasons 4&5

Bath and Body Works Leaf wall sconce

xs dog cage only used for 6 months

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